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I love the business I’m in: On Friday we’re having a brainstorming meeting…at IKEA. Yep. We’re cool like that.

In other news, I have been free of cicada attacks ever since returning back from Michigan. (in my head I’ve been chanting, “Ding, dong, the cicadas are dead!” with much enthusiasm.) when I left work on Friday I even took the long way around our parking lot so I could stay away from the trees infested with the little buggers and I climbed into my car only to hear a buzzing coming from inside my tote bag. I hit it, and sure enough one of my crunchy little friends popped out and latched onto my door handle. I imagine it was pretty entertaining to my coworkers to watch me open the passenger door and yell, “GET OUT! GET OUT!” as my newfound travel buddy just sat there like a bump on a log. I ended up having to find a stick and make a little bridge so he could climb out of the console in my car door. Perhaps he was so appreciative that he decided it was time to stop tormenting and left over the weekend?

Regardless, I’m glad to be nearing the end of that season.

OK, my apologies for a worthless post. More importantly, last night was mates of state which was AMAZING. I highly encourage everyone to check out the band they’re touring with, Headlights, who couldn’t have been more fun to watch and bop along too (see below). Mal and I totally danced our hearts out. I can’t imagine a better way to spend a Tuesday night!

Michigan recap to come. Thanks for being patient my friends!


+ everything is good, hedging on great, even
+ tomorrow i leave for California, which is the kickoff to two months of over-scheduling and events-aplenty (san diego then nashville then grand rapids then boston then kansas city, plus concerts and a wedding, bridal shower and bachelorette party thrown in). i’m amped for it.

lately, i’ve felt like i’m at the brink of something–the next great page in my life. there are many options opening up and my dreams in my heart that are pushing up through the dirt of late that encourage me, that from here on out: anything is possible.

i heard a read quote the other day, that God is a gentleman. that he will open the door for you and that he wants to do that. we just have to stand on our own two feet and walk toward that door and then through it. (rather than us being lazy and expecting him to pick us up and hurl us through to the other side.) so that’s what i’m trying to do, as this prospective brink looms near: i’m trying to approach and then let him do the rest, let him perform his gentlemanly duties for whatever he has in store.

so we’ll see.

(i realize this post is quite enigmatic. and frankly, i like it that way!)

life has been good lately. yes, there have been blips that have challenged that but more and more those dips and ebbs haven’t been nearly as lasting or as crippling as they once were. instead, there’s more peace and joy and fulfillment.

i can barely sit still long enough to type anything in here. which is why instead of droning on and on, i’m just going to leave you with this song that has been keeping me company the last few days. it could not be any happier and i totally want to hang out with these guys:

“the best in me” by sherwood