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I love the business I’m in: On Friday we’re having a brainstorming meeting…at IKEA. Yep. We’re cool like that.

In other news, I have been free of cicada attacks ever since returning back from Michigan. (in my head I’ve been chanting, “Ding, dong, the cicadas are dead!” with much enthusiasm.) when I left work on Friday I even took the long way around our parking lot so I could stay away from the trees infested with the little buggers and I climbed into my car only to hear a buzzing coming from inside my tote bag. I hit it, and sure enough one of my crunchy little friends popped out and latched onto my door handle. I imagine it was pretty entertaining to my coworkers to watch me open the passenger door and yell, “GET OUT! GET OUT!” as my newfound travel buddy just sat there like a bump on a log. I ended up having to find a stick and make a little bridge so he could climb out of the console in my car door. Perhaps he was so appreciative that he decided it was time to stop tormenting and left over the weekend?

Regardless, I’m glad to be nearing the end of that season.

OK, my apologies for a worthless post. More importantly, last night was mates of state which was AMAZING. I highly encourage everyone to check out the band they’re touring with, Headlights, who couldn’t have been more fun to watch and bop along too (see below). Mal and I totally danced our hearts out. I can’t imagine a better way to spend a Tuesday night!

Michigan recap to come. Thanks for being patient my friends!

this has nothing to do with God or relationships or anything whatsoever deep in the least. but still: what could be more perfect than yo gabba gabba + mates of state? really.

that’s all 🙂

p.s. happy birthday miss cathy baker. here’s to cheesecake factory goodness!

on saturday, holly and i are finally getting to have our pancake party. but guess what i just found out? national pancake week ends today. i suppose it’s close enough, but had we been one week earlier, it would have been so picture perfect! of course it still will be perfect because, well, it’s a 50s-theme party and that’s why it’s the Golden Age and Happy Days and the good ole days to begin with. but so, so close!

here’s the save-the-date we made that i could not be prouder about:

i have 2 outfits i’m deciding between: one that includes a fluffy skirt with butterflies all over (that a former co-worker used to call my “nature guide skirt”) but no apron to match, OR a simple blue-striped circle skirt that i can pair a crazy floral print apron with. admittedly, i’m leaning toward the sans-apron outfit. the butterflies are just so prettily perfect!

but, come saturday night, when the griddle’s all heated up and the pancakes are flipped, all will come to pass. let the dancing and twirling and rockin’ and rollin’ begin!

p.s. despite 3 posts in an hour’s time, i really have been quite productive today. i promise.

sometimes i think it’s funny how people end up coming across this blog.  and, as you will see, i ought to be spending less time talking about God or beliefs or friends or hearts and more time talking about bangs and couches, because that seems to be what everyone’s looking for:


so i don’t really do the whole resolution thing. well, not at new years at least. i of course make commitments to myself throughout the year (things like taking more initiative or becoming more decisive or less gossipy) but i just find the whole news years resolutions to be a little cliche. i don’t know. maybe i feel like they’re more genuine when they surface in the ordinary–not just when everyone else is doing it.

regardless, here’s a set of resolutions i can support–they have to do with photography. kristin passed the list along to me and i think it’s full of good ideas for tapping into the Nigel Barker in all of us! even though it’s a little ambitious, i like the idea of taking a photo every week of something you’re grateful for. (i think one a day is REALLY ambitious. good thing i’m not working on having more ambition for the new year, huh? ;)) there’s also a cool link to how to DIY a fish-lens. who knew?!

christmas was very good to me this year. usually thanksgiving is my favorite of the holidays, but somehow, december 25th out-performed it. and for that i’m glad.

it could be in part to the fact that christmas season stretches longer than the others; with a handful of gift exchanges and get-togethers. i learned how to make peanut-butter chocolate-chip scones for my staff homemade gift exchange (we did that at my coworker’s house, which i’m incidentally absolutely in love with. it’s so hip, in fact, it’s been featured on a couple blogs that i’m aware of: here and here.) i went roller skating with some of our youth group ladies + friends for the first time since elementary school, i believe. it was hilarious and definitely something we should do more often!

i went to some christmas services and a musical (which was amazing: when jesus was born, fake snow rained down on the audience and their versions of the traditional christmas songs were utterly captivating. i wish they were on youtube, they were that good.) i spent christmas eve at my parents’, and we did presents in the morning. everyone seemed to really like what i got them (which is my favorite part of the season), and i got some books and dvds i’d been wanting, some new shoes and shirts (mary jane heels even!), a laptop bag and a cordless drill! i actually am excited about that, particularly because i’ve had to borrow my dad’s multiple times in our townhouse. AND because now that my dear roommate is officially off the market and planning on getting married when our lease ends, i’ll have to do another round of decorating all over again.

but actually that’s something i’m looking forward to. i’m excited for holly to get married (i get to be one of her bridesmaids!!! and, hopefully, lend a hand with the whole wedding-planning process!) but also i feel like it’s an opportunity to take that next little growing-up step. of course it’s going to be a stretch financially, but i’ve started stocking up on stuff i’ll need for my own little abode; most importantly–inspired by the bride-to-be herself–with a silver-tinsel christmas tree and some silver and green glass ornaments plus a green-feather tree topper. so little by little…till then, let the christmas-spirit ring!

so tonight after we finished our Lovelies outing and gift exchange (which included: going to Noodles & Co. where Betsy was the spokeswoman in CinWeekly this week!, seeing a Cincinnati-version of Justin Bobby and trying to photograph him without his noticing, then Starbucks-ing it and photographing it too, and opening all sorts of fun gifts like a fondue pot and an owl + watch pendant and a beautiful handmade purse!) i came home and spent the remainder of my night doing, what else? messing with my myspace page (for which you’d think i’m 15 and not 24).

but let me explain: earlier, i’d found a website where you can turn yourself into a dancing gnome (, a la the one. so i gnome’d myself and set that as my default pic because, well, it’s funny! and fitting. but what’s a gnome without it’s correct habitat? so i had to woodland-ize the page further, background and all.


and yes, in the bottom corner you can see that’s the remix from The Hills season finale where everyone is given over to hilarious twitches and stutters. cracks me up!

(does this post seem empty and unnecessary? oh well. i can deal with that.)

I was talking to the one guy friend who I’m closest to the other day (and one of my all-time favorite emailing buddies) and we were talking about my recent little break-up. He was telling me about how it’ll be good for me to take this time for myself and figure out what I want—rather than what society says you want. He was talking about us being rushed into finding love, as we watch everyone around us traipse into relationships and get married off, and then he made a good point: “We’re still so young. I hate that we’re in our twenties, and we’re saying, ‘I’m so old!’”

As shouldn’t surprise me, it was a very good point. I’m still so young with a multitude of possibilities laid out before me, a nice little smorgasbord to select from and arrange on my plate. (Little known fact: “smorgasbord” used to be one of my favorite words, circa 1997.)

One of the nice things that’s come from this whole status change is that I know feel like I have so much time on my hands! I know I had time before, but I always felt obligated to save a chunk here and there, “just in case.” (Because, of course, you know that boyfriends and girlfriends have a quota of time to fill, don’t you?!) But now, my time is my own and I don’t owe it to anyone, nor can I have expectations about what to do with it. I know it was always my own, but that’s the trap I set myself in when I’m in a relationship—getting trapped in obligations and “shoulds.”

So what have I been using all this newfound time on? Well hopefully by the end of this weekend I’ll have some photographic proof: My latest crafts is birds cut from felt that I want to string from the ceiling. I’ve also started trolling the stores in search of Christmas presents (my mom is going to be the toughie this year), and last night I sat down and tried my hand at design. Even though I work on a design magazine and appreciate design to the utmost, I’ve never fancied myself a designer. I still don’t, but I tried to flip that whole “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” Anyway, we needed some logos for our student ministry at church and I had a couple of ideas that I decided to put to the challenge. The hard part is that I don’t know any how to maximize any of the software so it was a pretty rudimentary process. Yet and still, whether they work out, it was still a fulfilling little project.

Here they are in all their glory (except that they’re crappy files). They’re all based off our church’s tagline, “Building a growing community of passionate Jesus followers.” Within each logo idea are a couple variations to choose from (different type treatments or sizes, etc.):

Spectrum one pays homage to the 6 passions with 6 different colored petals (which can also be read as colored drops, ie drops of Jesus’ blood). Also, the petaled image in the middle incorporates Eastside’s new logo.

Elevate also incorporates Eastside’s new logo and can take on a couple different variations (either filling in the space in the “e” or just coloring in the background). The rest of the word is (fittingly) “elevated.”

Roots takes to the “growing” part of the tagline and is a little bit more youthful/playful than the others. I thought this would lend itself well if we ever make t-shirts.

i’m sitting at home listening to “hey delilah,” ready for the weekend. it’s very peaceful. like a breath of fresh air.

last night i met brianna and, sitting in the comfy couches of starbucks, i sipped my peppermint white chocolate latte and she her eggnog latte (although i’m not positive that either of them were lattes; i have no understanding about any of those differences. all i can tell is whether it’s hot or cold). anyway, we got on the subject of tattoos. it’s not anything i’d ever been interested in, but over this summer, something has begun to change…i think it’d be nice.

the problem has always been that i’m a very safe decision-maker; i shop around before i make any big purchase. i don’t commit to big plans until i’ve had time to mull them over and make certain they’ll work. i keep an excel spreadsheet of my finances and budget. so when it comes to things that will last forever, it’s not exactly in my comfort zone. i look back at the clothes i wore even 4 years ago and cringe–were my skirts really that short?! did i really think the whole newsboy cap was cool?! really?! and i know that that’s as much a result of growing up and settling more comfortably into my own skin (as opposed to society/what everyone else is doing). but still. am i capable to make any decision that lasts that long?

i haven’t decided. but i’ve been kicking it around. i’ve come so far as to think that what i would like to get is something with a leaf or a fern. ideally it’d be a leaf in the shape of a heart of some sort. the idea behind that is that “God is love” and I feel closest/most aware of Him and His grandness when i’m out in nature. everything about nature just seems to edify me and–no pun intended–ground me. i think that’s one of the reasons why i love the color green so much; it’s so symbolic. anyway, so rather than the usual cross or icthus, that’s what i’d get to represent my faith for me.

i was originally thinking it’d be cool to get it on my left wrist (to remind me to spread that love out into the world, be Jesus’ hands and feet in my actions), but that’s where my fear gets the best of me. what if i’m 50 and get self-conscious of it? i’m not too fond of long-sleeves as it is, so that’s a great deal of commitment. the next logical place is my back or on my side. but then i wonder, if i don’t see it, what’s the point? however i used to wear a cross necklace because i thought it’d help me remind me of my faith and the whole WWJD thing, but inevitably i’d forget i was wearing it, so i’m sure this is just another one of those you’re-bound-to-get-used-to-it things anyway.

here’s the best example i could find:


but i did convince brianna to let me go with her when she gets hers, hopefully next month.

my favorite time of year. the other night i was driving to church and drove through old milford, and the white christmas lights were already strung on the trees through the downtown part. it was beautiful, and just reminded me that–as much as my boyfriend doesn’t want to admit it–it’s official: the holidays are here!

this stretch from thanksgiving to christmas is hands down my favorite time of year. i wouldn’t go so far as to say that winter is my favorite season because that’s exactly the opposite (give me spring or fall any day), but i get all antsy just thinking about it. i’ve finally gotten to start wearing my coat and scarves. of course i still mutter under my breath at how chilly it’s gotten (albeit not cold enough to start wearing socks, which i hate). soon it will be time to inaugurate the tights and (cute) knitted winter hats!


and with all that, not to mention the extra excuses for pumpkin pie or even more trips to starbucks, it calls to mind a couple reasons why this is my favorite time of year, that i thought i’d share: for thanksgiving and christmas eve, we celebrate with my mom’s side of the family. these are filled with good food and lounging in front of the tv, while everyone pages through the store circulars, or my aunt tells loud stories, or my cousins bicker about sports or who could beat up who, or my other aunt or my dad run around with a video recorder, documenting all of this. it will be interesting this year, because there will be two newbies added to the cast. this past summer my younger cousin got married and this coming weekend, another will. both are boys and so this adds more girls to the mix (growing up, there were only three of us, versus seven boys).

and another element that’s already begun (you can tell i’m growing up), is that i’ve already started my christmas shopping. that’s one of my other favorite things. i hate forced/obligated shopping because the presents that come from that usually suck and end up being a waste. but getting to find a perfect present that you’re pretty darn sure that someone is going to love? that’s my favorite part. getting gifts for my sister is like that, and is why she’s my favorite to shop for–because i know that i can always pick something out for her that she’ll get excited about. we have a tradition at my house where, on christmas eve, the kids each get to open one present that the others got for them. (in my entrepreneurial youth, this was a tradition i instituted as an attempt to tide over having to wait through another night to open presents. it still lives on today.) and without fail, my sister always chooses a present that i got her.

so if you want to sneak a peek, feel free to dig under my bed, which is where i’ve been storing the gifts until trees and ornaments go up. in the past, i’ve found that if i can get my shopping done earlier, then it makes things feel that much more christmas-y, because rather than feel obligated/stressed about running around and checking things off lists, i have the time to enjoy the season. so we’ll see. for now, i’m just happy there isn’t any snow…yet.

that’s a pretty quote that i read in this lady’s blog. she seems like she lives such a pretty life, always cooking and baking and sewing clothes for her kids. seems very peaceful and serene in that it’s probably chaotic and crazy, but just the way you’d want it to be. who knows. anyway, yes, i liked the quote.

tomorrow i leave for good ole birmingham, alabama. i’m actually really, really looking forward to it. it will be me, becky, and an 8-hour car ride from here to there. and “there,” we’ll meet up with jackie, my old roommate from way back When; when we used to live in a little southern cottage and chase the flying cockroaches with bug spray and try to smash them with phonebooks and textbooks and when i burnt a whole pan of baked beans and our other roommate hated us and there was a visiting mouse and melted strainer and we worked at big-name magazines and hung out at southern bars and learned every word to “sweet home alabama” and watched “life was we know it” until it was cancelled and took a road trip to new orleans and got ourselves in all sorts of youthful debacles. and then she stayed there and i packed up my car and then on Christmas Eve 2004, drove back home through a snow storm with no idea what awaited me in my old hometown.

it was a really scary time in my life. i remember driving down there when i accepted the internship. jackie and i had never met, i had no idea what i was in for and was taking this as a leap of faith. i remember listening to the allister song that talks about starting over from “scratch”, which is exactly what i felt like i was doing:

you better start from scratch
it’s now or never
but we can’t look back
I need you with me
for another day
she’s so far away
yeah far away

I know there’s no time left for second chances
Still we’re right despite these circumstances
You’ve changed me more than you could ever know
So we will just hang on until tomorrow
so take my hand
don’t ever let me go

take our time
making sure that everything feels right
it won’t be easy
but I’m not afraid
she’s so far away

you better start from scratch
it’s now or never
but we can’t look back
I need you with me
for another day
she’s so far away
yeah far away

and as with so many other things in life, it all turned out beautifully. we made memories, i found a perfect job and moved back home and made amazing friends and an amazing little life for myself. so it will be interesting to journey back, now at the point where i am, and look at it all through that lens. on Friday, we’ll head over to Jackie’s and do dinner and reminisce and then head over to Innisfree, the bar that we used to walk to every weekend, and on Saturday our friend Liz is tying the knot so we’ll get to experience a proper Southern wedding. and then on Sunday… we make the trek back. maybe we can stop in Nashville for dinner or something? i’d enjoy that i think.

so we’ll see. but i’m looking forward to the break and the moment to catch my breath. i feel like i’ve been running full speed ahead and so now i realize that that isn’t healthy. so if you pray, i’d appreciate those kinds of prayers. just learning how to strike that balance. i went so far as to scribe a little list of rules: things like leave one night a week with nothing planned, do nothing (phone, visiting, etc.) after 10:30pm, and only schedule 2 things a night. (last night for instance involved a happy hour from 5 to 7, small group from 7:30 to 9:15, and stopping by paul’s from 9:30 to 10.) i just recognize that by running myself ragged i get stressed = fretful = crabby and that’s not worth it. that’s not me.

so thanks for any prayers, internet friends. Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” (James 5:16)

(also, in regular list-making fare, i got started on my christmas list. and that’s a month later than most years!)


two weeks! two weeks?

where have i been? let’s do a retrospective:



dsc00068.JPG   dsc00062.JPG








dsc00107.JPG  dsc00183.JPG







– friday night i’m going with some gals to the Brown County Fair. i remember going to a fair when i was still in elementary or junior high school and, having grown up in the suburbs with every kind of fast food and convenience stores sprinkled on various corners, that was the extent of my fair faring. so, i’m eager to experience this little slice of life, even though i’m sure that it will be overly glamorized and not nearly as “Sweet Home Alabama” as i’d like. but it’ll be fun and that’s all that matters.

– saturday is chock-full of other sorts of celebrations. that afternoon, we’re celebrating my grandma’s birthday and will be gathering as we always do to wish her a good one. this is the grandma that i’m named after, who somehow, growing up in the hills of Kentucky, got the name “Carmen.” later that night, a former coworker is having a Fall Theme Party with cider and pumpkin pie and i couldn’t be more, well, pumped (hehehehe). afterward, another friend is having a birthday bash which won’t be as thematic but i’m sure it’ll be fun and festive and full of friends and laughs. plus, i think paul will be coming along, and i’m looking forward to that. it’ll be fun to share that with him.

(side  note: one of my friends had a sweater and cider party once. i didn’t get to make it because i think i was out of town, but it sounds uber cute. might have to add that to the party-planning list for the maple street abode!)

so i’m looking forward to the weekend. october’s just around the corner, and i’m ready to welcome autumn in with open arms. things like haunted houses and carving pumpkins and hayrides and playing in fallen leaves–they’re pretty little images that i want to snap and hang on my walls as mementos of 2007.  here’s to making them happen…

every tuesday me, holly and kitty congregate in the basement of betsy’s townhouse, squishing onto her big comfy couches and partake in what has become the great american pastime: watching tv together.

it all started one night in 2005, at an ihop or steak-n-shake or some late-night place like that. i remember us swinging open the glass doors to enter and somehow bringing up the topic of “gilmore girls.” kitty said she loved it. holly echoed the statement. so it seemed silly for us to not celebrate the splendor that is heretofore known as GG as a group.

so we gathered, dragging betsy along in tow, every tuesday to watch the latest installment of Luke vs. Christopher; Logan vs. Jess; Rory and Laine, Lorelai and her mother.

since the series kicked the bucket this spring, we’ve had to adopt new shows to fill the void. our choice? monday night television: Greek and The Hills. the hills is quite a phenomenon, and not one i had really sunk my teeth into. but that’s all changed. i still don’t know where audrina came from or what happened to whitney, but what i do know now is that holly and i totally deserve our own reality tv show. i think it’d be quite entertaining.

we’ll be in the midst of something and say, “if we had a reality show, this is a part they’d totally show.” since we might be waiting forever for this blockbuster to ever be taken seriously, here’s a glimpse at some of our would-be highlights from our debut season in The Maple Street House:

  • about a week ago holly was going to take a shower and found a big bug hanging out above our window. we decided that it was a hornet. and since we have yet to own a flyswatter, i went back to my closet for reinforcements and came back with a shoe on each hand, one Roo and one New Balance. (the thinking was that they each had different tread patterns on the bottom and maybe one was the better for trapping large flying insects with stingers.) i climbed up on the sink and, holding my breath and putting on my game face, started flailing at the bug. between screams and damnations and switching between shoes, it finally crashed to the sink top, vanquished.
  • on sunday, holly made me a mix cd to which the opening song was UNK’s “walk it out” of youtube fame (actually, my manager at work first introduced me to that video. in the same vein, it was my mom who had to teach me about lil mama’s lip gloss). well after googling it and watching homemade dance videos to it, i wanted to learn how to actually “walk it out.” so, we downloaded some instructional walk-it-out hip-hop videos and proceeded to try to teach ourselves how to walk it out in the corner of holly’s bedroom. i think biggy must be up there shaking his head right now…
  • and then, yesterday, as we were driving home from Monday night tv fest, we decidedly decided what the closing scene/credits would showcase. as we made our way down the windy state route, we turned up jack’s mannequin and the fratellis and hellogoodbye and sang as loud as we could, as happy as we could.

i guess they all just go to show how silly this little life we lead is, but yet how much fun we have inspite of it. yeah, they’re pretty embaressing, but isn’t that what tv’s all about anyway? i think we can handle it.

of late, i’ve been celebrating a sort of Christmas-in-August.

the other week i came home to a cute little polka-dot print package from a roasty-toasty Miss Kristin out in phoenix. inside?


a (…poor picture of a…) cute wooden jewelry box (green on the inside) full of old costume jewelry that she found at an estate sale and thought of ME.

then, on sunday, i came home from a long day spent being lazy at my parents’ (and catching up on every last miami ink and bridezilla episode) and holly had a present of her own for me: a soundtrack for our new little life. with it came a lego that she’d gotten from church as they were talking about the need to be connected.

i’ve been loving the cd ever since and when i brought it to work on monday, could hardly pay attention and accomplish anything because i was determined to learn every word to “walk it out.” (still working on it.)

here’s the playlist:

(look what my roommate’s trying to do to me with all these explicit songs. i don’t know if my angelic ears can take it.)

top it all off, yesterday my manager (with whom i have daily hot chocolate breaks) gave me some extra kings island tickets she had. me, bee and holly will be putting them to use on saturday. i haven’t been in years. backwards racer, here i come!

so, long live August! (i feel loved.)