so of course in the midst of all things changing with the move, there’s also the obvious factor that now i have a boyfriend who lives states and states away and who i really love.

the long-distance thing has admittedly been a bit of a struggle, but it’s also something that i’ve known from the beginning: if God allowed it to happen, it has to be for a reason. it has to be for the benefit of our relationship, not the detriment.

and i believe it has been. it’s really encouraged deep and healthy communication that’s often been absent from other relationships in the past. we talk about our days and our thoughts and our struggles and, before we wrap up our conversation for the night, we take some time to ask some “get to know you questions,” which range from “what were you like in high school” to “if you could only have one table utensil to eat with for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?” i know it sounds silly but it’s really been so much fun! (and for the record, michael’s questions are usually a lot more interesting than mine, but the idea itself was mine, so i guess that makes up for it!)

then, the distance makes it so that we have to be intentional about connecting with one another, so we started our own little book club together. we’re reading the same book together and then once a week, we go through, chapter by chapter, to discuss what we read and what we thought about the readings that week. it’s allowed some really theologic and thoughtful conversations. and we don’t always agree, but the fact that we’re able to be open and really get to know each other’s thoughts has been quite a privilege. and i don’t think we would have been that intentional if we were living in the same city.

because even now, when we do visit each other, it’s so easy to get caught up in the ordinary tasks of hanging out like watching tv or running errands. which are also totally a part of the relationship-building equation, but can easily become a distraction from talking about life’s deeper side. we can go the whole weekend and wonder where our time went together.

we’ve only been dating for about 2 months now, but it’s been awesome. i feel like we’ve really gotten to know each other and he’s truly become my best friend. and of course, as in most friendships, we don’t always agree on things. but the fact that we’ve been able to talk through those disagreements and open up and still love each other through them… has been really encouraging. i don’t feel like we’re faking it. i feel like we’re able to be totally ourselves with one another (or at least we’re getting there), and things are still good and we still love each other.

he’s coming up to visit next weekend; i’m already counting down!