even though i won’t be around to take advantage of them, C-HOP (cincinnati house of prayer) will be offering a handful of classes. i’ve never taken one of theirs before but i would encourage anyone able to try it out. i really believe they’ll be deep and rich and enlightening.
Fall Semester Classes at C-HOP

For more information on all these check our website or more specifically click here.

1.  Israel’s place in the plan of God: Mondays 6:45-9:00pm beginning September 8th.

This class aims to equip us with a biblical understanding of Israel’s place in the plan of God. Beginning with the call of Abraham, we will develop a theology of Israel that demonstrates God’s continuing faithfulness throughout history to this “firstborn” nation. This course is an essential foundation for anyone who is called to stand with Israel and pray for her salvation as we approach the end times.

Cost: $25 for individual, $40 a couple
Register: Israel

2.  The Omega Course: Thursday, 7:00-9:00pm beginning September 4th.
The Omega Course is an 8-week DVD curriculum (We will be adding several additional weeks for further teaching and discussion). Mike Bickle (director of KC-IHOP) gives a broad overview of the End Times in eight sessions, describing the people, places and events that matter most at the end of the age. The curriculum includes additional audio teachings, complete outlines, appendix, glossary and a guide to leading small group discussions. It’s about preparing the worldwide Church for what the Bible promises will be its most glorious hour. Omega is helping to prepare people to be ready, and its one of the resources we use at the Cincinnati House of Prayer.
Cost: $25 for individual,  $40 a couple
Register: Omega

3.   The Eternal Glory of an Intercessor
: Wednesday 6:30-9:00pm beginning September 10th.
A course made popular by Corey Russell in KC is now being facilitated at the Cincinnati House of Prayer.
This course will focus upon ushering in revival through prayer. With the Church as a “sending out” community it is important that our future leaders understand the urgency of the hour and the great need for a people of prayer to emerge. Walter Wink suggests that, “history belongs to the intercessors.” Biblical evidence supports his assertion and calls us to equip our people in the privilege of praying God’s will into the earth. This course studies the lives of great biblical and historical intercessors and how they changed history through the power of prayer.
Cost: $25 for individual, $40 a couple
Register: Intercessor

4.  A study in the Song of Songs
Wednesday’s 12-2pm beginning Sept 10th
A line by line study through the book of Song of Solomon, revealing the heart of God for His people and our response to this love.
Cost: $20 per individual
Register: Song of Songs

5.  A study in the Psalms of Ascent: Monday’s 10-12noon beginning Sept 8th
Traditionally, these were the psalms that were sung as the priests as they ascended the temple stairs to minister at the Temple of Jerusalem. Singing and declaring the prayers of the heart, is a firm foundation of the “house of prayer”.
Cost: $25 per person
Register: Psalms