sorry it’s been so long, friends.

over the past week, the prayer that i’ve been praying is to be comfortable living in the gray area that life dishes up. so often, i want to rush to the black or to the white: either i want this job or i don’t. either i like this guy or i don’t. either i do this or i don’t. rather than slow down and let the process unfurl and be OK living in the in-between times, when an answer is unknown. i always have to remind myself that that’s how God works…patiently and one. step. at. a. time. butiwantananswerNOW! so there’s that struggle.

the parable of the seed and the soil has been really true for me in all this: how the healthiest and richest plants spring from fertile soil that lets it grow slowly and over time. it even says that the plant that grows too quickly will wither under the daytime sun. it’s not healthy for us to move that quickly! and so i am trying to relish these times of “i don’t know!” because i can see that as i learn to do that–as i learn to be comfortable with the unknown–that i really am able to allow myself to settle into God and let him “make everything beautiful in its time.”

and even on making that realization–that it’s OK to live in the gray–that oh-so-sweet gift of Peace floated down and made everything so much easier to handle. it’s funny how such a simple and obvious epiphany can be like flipping on a light switch in a room–and send the heretofore grayness fleeing.

“Since we have been made right with God by our faith, we have peace with God.”
Romans 5:1

….to be continued!