He has made everything beautiful in its time.
Ecclesiastes 3:11

it’s funny that so often i look to that as one of my favorite (and encouraging/comforting/hope-filled) verses, but how easily i forget the real meaning behind it–how easily i forget to really embrace and trust in it.

today, in the midst of packing up boxes and clearing off shelves, i was getting ready for work. i used to have a big decorative plate that i’d filled will my jewelry and had placed a little card with that verse on it in the middle of the beads and baubles. now, with the jewelry put away, all that remained was that little slip of paper.

and as i’ve been wondering and fretting and going back-and-forth about everything michigan related (timing, and so forth), i read that verse again with new eyes. and a breath of relief. “…in its time.”

it will all be OK. it will all be beautiful.