in 10 minus about 15 minutes, me and mal will be hitting the road to make our debut trip up to grand rapids to scope the joint out and see how it fits. so if you’re of the praying sort, it’d be much appreciated. one of my old friends lives up there now so we’re staying with him and his wifey and they’ve already prepared to show us around and introduce us to their friends and make it so that we never leave the land-o-the-mitt. we’re going to go to mars hill on sunday night, too, so pumped for that! (although kev did call and say that there was bad news: starting this week, rob bell is taking a hiatus from preaching. ha, go figure! but it’ll still be a swell time, i’m sure.)

and then back in time for the mates of state concert on tuesday. wanna join?!

(and for the record, i will miss you. i promise.)

UPDATE: Here’s what came from the weekend trip to Michigan.