So it’s official: At the end of this month, I’m going to be moving back in with my parents. But you know, I’m actually psyched about it. For one, the main reason why I wanted to move out in the first place was just so that I could decorate on a large scale all by myself. I also hated all the driving I had to do to and fro for work and church and such. But besides that, my family is pretty great and understanding and if nothing else, quite entertaining. (My sister tells stories about old men returning condoms and KY Jelly to her Walgreens store because they didn’t enjoy “the experience;” my mom shares how she lured our runaway cat back indoors and how the other family cats responded; my dad shows me his latest WWII video…)

And especially if I’m going to be moving hours away in the coming months, I’d like to have this time with them.

But something makes me wonder whether I’ll even get that time. I wonder if I won’t be whisked off earlier than I’d thought? And that really scares me. Now that many of the systems’ kinks are worked out, I want to stay put just a little bit longer, enjoy the downtime just a little longer, save money just a little bit longer, hang out with my friends just a little bit longer.

So the idea of this job option working out does make me nervous that I’m going to have to start over sooner than I’d expected, although I’ve always had a feeling that it was going to happen July-ish. I just don’t feel ready for that now that it’s getting close!

Anyway, I know that’s out of my hands and when the right time comes, it will all work out so long as I stay to the course that God has planned. And I know that when that happens, the course is going to be more amazing and gratifying than I could imagine—look at where it’s taken me thus far?!

On a side note, I read an article the other day about living at home with your family and the (unexpected) benefits it provides, such as keeping you from being too selfishly and independently focused but constantly balancing yourself and your desires against others. (Typically even if you live with roommates, there’s not much accountability or interdependence except to get the bills paid on time.) There are other ideas that the article mentions that were pretty insightful and I’d never considered before.