+ everything is good, hedging on great, even
+ tomorrow i leave for California, which is the kickoff to two months of over-scheduling and events-aplenty (san diego then nashville then grand rapids then boston then kansas city, plus concerts and a wedding, bridal shower and bachelorette party thrown in). i’m amped for it.

lately, i’ve felt like i’m at the brink of something–the next great page in my life. there are many options opening up and my dreams in my heart that are pushing up through the dirt of late that encourage me, that from here on out: anything is possible.

i heard a read quote the other day, that God is a gentleman. that he will open the door for you and that he wants to do that. we just have to stand on our own two feet and walk toward that door and then through it. (rather than us being lazy and expecting him to pick us up and hurl us through to the other side.) so that’s what i’m trying to do, as this prospective brink looms near: i’m trying to approach and then let him do the rest, let him perform his gentlemanly duties for whatever he has in store.

so we’ll see.

(i realize this post is quite enigmatic. and frankly, i like it that way!)