if only you could see me right now. i’m hunched down (terrible posture i’m sure) on my bed, with my head propped up on 2 pillows, my laptop on my lap as i’m snuggled under the covers and still in my pjs. at 4pm in the afternoon/evening. i never even put my contacts in. that tells you something.

yes, i can’t complain. the snow and freezing rain and slush came down and i made the executive decision to stay away from the roads (and the big hill that i take to get to work) and work from home today. it ended up being a great decision and surprisingly ended up with accomplishing far more than i likely would have, in the office.

isn’t it funny how those kinds of things work out? when you don’t have to, when you don’t have someone watching you, you end up nose to the grindstone–because you become your own boss. today’s one of those days. and frankly there isn’t much more to say. so short and sweet today…