on saturday, holly and i are finally getting to have our pancake party. but guess what i just found out? national pancake week ends today. i suppose it’s close enough, but had we been one week earlier, it would have been so picture perfect! of course it still will be perfect because, well, it’s a 50s-theme party and that’s why it’s the Golden Age and Happy Days and the good ole days to begin with. but so, so close!

here’s the save-the-date we made that i could not be prouder about:

i have 2 outfits i’m deciding between: one that includes a fluffy skirt with butterflies all over (that a former co-worker used to call my “nature guide skirt”) but no apron to match, OR a simple blue-striped circle skirt that i can pair a crazy floral print apron with. admittedly, i’m leaning toward the sans-apron outfit. the butterflies are just so prettily perfect!

but, come saturday night, when the griddle’s all heated up and the pancakes are flipped, all will come to pass. let the dancing and twirling and rockin’ and rollin’ begin!

p.s. despite 3 posts in an hour’s time, i really have been quite productive today. i promise.