I have to say it: I’m excited about growing up. yes, I’m a ripe 24 (which would send my coworkers rolling their eyes) but I still feel like I’m just dipping my toes into the waters of adulthood. People still ask me if I’m going to be going to prom this year or where I go to high school and the like, to which I smile and tell them I graduated 7 years ago (to which my coworkers would again roll their eyes!).

But as I watch my friends shoot roots and grow up, I’m liking the pace at which I’m going. Holly’s becoming a wife, betsy’s becoming a mom and a wife… And here I am scouting out one-bedroom apartments. But taking everything one-step-at-a-time has been something I’ve had to learn to embrace, and I feel like I’m finally doing that.

In college, I was graduating in 3 years so I took 20 credits a quarter and worked another 10 hours a week writing for the alumni magazine. With no time to spare, I thrived on the function to gulp everything down and learn/ace it at once, and then move on to the next subject or exam or project. And on the cycle went—learn it as fast and completely as possible and then move on to the next task at hand. When it came time to learning about God and His will and everything, I tried to put that mentality to work there so that I could check as many things off my list as possible and move on to the next and become a super Christian “in 10 weeks or less!”

But then I’d realize how fallible that was and how I wasn’t making progress—and I’d get frustrated. I’ve had to learn over the years that God doesn’t work that way. That he does function in, “Here, I’m going to give you this bit to work on. When you’ve learned that task and had time to sit on it, I’ll give you the next bit. But this is how you truly learn and change and grow—one step at a time.” I’ve had to become OK with—and appreciative of—that aspect: One. At. A. Time. Learn this one—truly learn it, down to your bones—and then you’ll get your next one. But don’t rush through it. That’s not rich or true or deep enough for this kind of learning. It might have got you by when it came to college courses but not in the school of Life.

So that’s where I am, where I’m learning one day at a time and embracing this moment in life where I am—sorting out budgets and organizing receipts and searching out quaint little one-bedroom apartments on Craigslist that later this summer I’ll fill with funky furniture and a hodgepodge of accessories and hopefully a little kitten—and call all my own.