a website that always makes me smile and perk up is fredflare.com, because of all the silly things they carry on there (i’ve tried a couple times to get their products featured in our magazine, but sadly they’ve never really fit what we were looking for, like when i did the office products story).it’s really quirky/kitschy; they have things like a skillet that has the face of a panda painted on it, a candle holder that looks like a miniature camp fire, all kinds of cool Lomo camera accessories, gnomes paraphernalia, silly notecards/books of the ilk you’d find at Urban Outfitters.

however, one of my favorite things at fredflare.com is a little jukebox where different staffers make mixes that you can listen to (look on the bottom right of the main page if you’re having trouble finding it). this was actually where i first came across (and fell in love with) Tegan and Sara. so i owe them a lot! i think “Julie” has my favorite taste in music (case in point: her latest mix includes a Tegan and Sara song + my favorite Built to Spill one!). if you’re bored, give it a try and perhaps discover some new tunes!