so Monday night (New Year’s Eve) was the night we had our “Come As the Wild Thing/Party Animal You Are” theme party where everyone was supposed to come dressed as an animal. true, the main inspiration for this idea came from a picture i saw online of a girl who dressed up like a deer and i decided i was totally going to copy it (sans the tan leotard, though. i kid you not).

well, the party went off without a hitch (well, except that we forgot to get any champagne for the event, which truthfully never crossed my mind. i can’t stand stuff! plus, i remember one new year’s when i got shot in the eye with the fizz and it ruined my night. so ever since i’ve boycotted the bubbly!) we had in attendance: a peacock, skunk, giraffe, kangaroo, snow bunny, 2 black cats and even another deer! imagine that! it wasn’t a huge party (about 2 dozen people), so it was nice because there was still room for milling about without it feeling cramped and this one was rather uneventful (no dance-offs, no sparks between dance-off contenders–you know, the usual).

so without further ado, have a look at some of the costumed characters that were running wild, ringing in the New Year with style!:






for other (actual) images from the shindig, sift through the gallery and enjoy!