so rather than make resolutions for 2008, here’s an abridged (due mostly to forgetfulness than anything else) list of amazing things i experienced this past year. (oh, and that IS something that i would like to resolve to do: every week take a picture of something that impacted me or that i learned a lesson about. week one will be ending soon, let’s see if i can stick to it!).

  • i went on a missions trip, to Haiti!
  • paid my civic off.
  • went to winter jam with the youth group and continued to get more involved in the core leadership of the student ministry, which i’ve found quite fulfilling.
  • started to teach myself the guitar. (and then, of course, quit when it came time to learn chords.)
  • joined a small group! became closer with Cathy and met Brianna. this was truly a godsend for me.
  • through my small group, youth group leading and just thoughts/resolutions i had, began to be able to open up more and more about faith issues and even give advice/offer own insights, rather than always be on the receiving end. and in that way mature: be able to think for myself and offer that to others.
  • traveled for conferences for work on my own (to san diego and minneapolis) and grew so far as my career and confidence in it, plus being able to present myself professionally and network.
  • my 3rd HOW Conference.
  • moved out! Got a roommate and decorated a cute apartment, which taught me a lot about initiative–if you need something done, you have to just do it. that means figuring out how to undo the overhead light when the bulb burns out or learn how to hang curtains and how to drill on my own or call the landlord or the billing departments when something isn’t going right. that was a big lesson in and of itself. plus able, for the first time, to really be able to reflect my tastes so LARGELY–a whole house to decorate! what a canvas! i had a great time doing that, too. my two best friends were spray paint and sewing machine–dear friends to the end!
  • started blogging, and through it, began to explore more the idea of ‘opening up.’ this also aided as i took a spiritual gifts test and realized one of my gifts is teaching/pastorship–so i felt like being able to share my insights/experiences via a blog and a small group would mentor/apprentice me in doing this in the future.
  • went to see a counselor, twice. and then decided didn’t need it after all. (i have my own Counselor and a bunch of friends who take on that role quite nicely. and don’t charge me $125 an hour.)
  • got back into running, this time a lot more successfully than last year.
  • some big purchases: new laptop and camera!
  • our Back to School Party!
  • took initiative and took leadership role for another (though short-lived) small group.
  • learned lessons about God: that sometimes it’s not for me to understand and fathom what happens in my life, i just have to trust. the importance of opening up/being real about your flaws and ugly spots is healthy (as Lauren Winner says, it’s another ironic form of sanctification). that God is going to put desires on my heart for a reason–to fulfill them; he isn’t going to tempt me and then yank it away and disappoint me–all in due time. that i still struggle with letting things go–that’s one to leave for 2008.
  • i made a concerted effort to try to get to know God better and to try to listen to Him, be guided by Him.
  • i felt–and knew–God’s peace.
  • read some really beneficial/enlightening books: The Thrill of the Chaste, Fight Like a Girl, Captivating, Wild at Heart, Girl Meets God, What Now, Here’s to Hindsight, With or Without You, Chronicles of Narnia…
  • musical discoveries: Tegan and Sara. Andrew Bird. Mae. Jack’s Mannequin. Hawk Nelson. Ben Folds (never had gotten into him before, believe it or not). Sea Wolf. Anberlin. David Crowder Band.
  • visited: Haiti. San Diego. Atlanta. Philadelphia. Minneapolis.



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