so i don’t really do the whole resolution thing. well, not at new years at least. i of course make commitments to myself throughout the year (things like taking more initiative or becoming more decisive or less gossipy) but i just find the whole news years resolutions to be a little cliche. i don’t know. maybe i feel like they’re more genuine when they surface in the ordinary–not just when everyone else is doing it.

regardless, here’s a set of resolutions i can support–they have to do with photography. kristin passed the list along to me and i think it’s full of good ideas for tapping into the Nigel Barker in all of us! even though it’s a little ambitious, i like the idea of taking a photo every week of something you’re grateful for. (i think one a day is REALLY ambitious. good thing i’m not working on having more ambition for the new year, huh? ;)) there’s also a cool link to how to DIY a fish-lens. who knew?!