sometimes i just don’t get emotions. like how you can careen from one end of the spectrum to the other within a single moment. or, in some cases (such as the current case at hand): without even noticing it.

but right now, that’s a good thing. because i’m very much in a happy place. maybe it’s the fact that last night i walked around with sparkly deer antlers on my head for hours on end and got to wear fake eyelashes. or maybe because i was also spending the evening with some of my (ahem) deer-est of friends, decked out in peacock, feline, giraffe, kangaroo, skunk and rabbit regalia, which is enough to make even the scroogiest in spirit crack a smile. or maybe it’s because today i bought new slippers that are soft and comfy and super bright green. or maybe it’s because after that, the Lovelies met and ate at Frisch’s and then paged through some pretty bridesmaid dress options for the big bad July event. maybe it’s because i just spent the last hour doing nothing but listening to the soundtrack i made for last night’s party and dancing along at all appropriate parts (which, for the record, is almost the entire thing). maybe? maybe.

but does it matter where it comes from? because i have to wonder if we’re even meant to understand emotions in the first place. think about it: emotions are the quality that set us apart from all other animals. yes, i imagine some emotions are instinctual (for example, a dog’s ability to show sadness or excitedness). in the chronicles of narnia, it’s this ability (to talk and show emotion) that set the narnian animals apart from the other beasts–aslan handpicks them. what i’m saying is, aren’t emotions the quality in us that best reflect our God, who in fact is Love? so if we already can admit how BIG God is–too big for us to comprehend how he created life or his timing or his whole plan or how he does anything–then why wouldn’t it make sense that this thing called emotion wouldn’t elude us as well?

i take comfort in that, that sometimes it’s not for me to try to grapple. sometimes it just is. and right now, it’s good and glad and all things in that wonderful, beautiful vein.