i guess in this little game-show of life, i have gotten my fair share of grand prizes. but it’s nice, even when you feel like you just got jipped out of the jackpot, to walk away with something to show. and from this spin of the wheel of love, i did get to walk away with some nice parting gifts that made the parting itself a little softer to bear.

the night i realized paul and i needed to break up, i felt a very comforting peace. only the second time in my life that i can really recall such a powerful peace about a big decision i’ve had to make. (the first was when i decided to take the job in cincinnati, rather than in charleston, south carolina back in December 2004.) anyway, so peace comforted me. then i went and (like every good student of Modernity) checked my email, where i received word that i–for the second time in my life–had won something. i’d won things based on merit before; scholarships and writing awards. but winning things by random lottery? the only other time was in junior high and i won a script of some movie that wasn’t even worth seeing. it’s in my old closet at my parents’ house still, hopefully collecting value or something.

regardless, so i ended up winning a $500 shopping spree to a designer website, frankeys.com. i received my first batch of winnings on Friday before i left work for the new year. i opened it and laughed, “it’s my break-up presents!”

here are my $200 Frye shoes:



and my $90 heeled sandals:



and, the cherry on top, are the cards i’ve received from friends, full of encouragement and, of course, lots and lots of humor. as new found glory once said, “i’d pick my friends over you…”