so tonight after we finished our Lovelies outing and gift exchange (which included: going to Noodles & Co. where Betsy was the spokeswoman in CinWeekly this week!, seeing a Cincinnati-version of Justin Bobby and trying to photograph him without his noticing, then Starbucks-ing it and photographing it too, and opening all sorts of fun gifts like a fondue pot and an owl + watch pendant and a beautiful handmade purse!) i came home and spent the remainder of my night doing, what else? messing with my myspace page (for which you’d think i’m 15 and not 24).

but let me explain: earlier, i’d found a website where you can turn yourself into a dancing gnome (, a la the one. so i gnome’d myself and set that as my default pic because, well, it’s funny! and fitting. but what’s a gnome without it’s correct habitat? so i had to woodland-ize the page further, background and all.


and yes, in the bottom corner you can see that’s the remix from The Hills season finale where everyone is given over to hilarious twitches and stutters. cracks me up!

(does this post seem empty and unnecessary? oh well. i can deal with that.)