to start off a post about reading, here’s a funny blog that cites “unnecessary” uses of quotation marks. (as an editor, i find it really funny, although i’m quite aware that others very well may not appreciate it.)

regardless, the problem i’ve run into lately is having no good books to read. for awhile there i was on a roll; such beauts this summer as ‘captivating’, ‘the thrill of the chaste’, ‘girl meets god’ ‘the spellman files’ ‘love walked in’… but now i feel like i’ve hit a wall. i’ve been to the library and bookstore various times and just haven’t found anything that really whets my whistle or gets me excited.

there have been lots of false starts though. i had gone on a rampage ordering memoirs (in hopes of stumbling on another ‘here’s to hindsight’) but the one i only made it halfway through and the other one seems a little too depressing to venture into yet. i got some YA novels from the library but they were predictable and too dumb (“i baked evan some cookies, i just KNOW he’s going to have to fall in love with me!!!” “why didn’t evan even look at me? it must be because he’s just waiting for the perfect time!” yes, that was the plotline exactly.)

so i don’t know. i picked up ‘the lion, the witch and the wardrobe,’ which i’m rereading but i really need something gripping after that. i like the narnia books, but it’s just not hitting the spot. i’m very much that way with books–if you’re not feeling it, don’t give in. indulge on the good stuff; don’t waste your time on all the crappy lookalikes. so i’m currently caught in the process of sifting through all those lookalikes, trying to find a gem. any suggestions?

here’s a list of my recent favorites, for reference.
fiction: love walked in. as simple as snow. a taxonomy of barnacles. the spellman files. perks of being a wallflower. nanny diaries. (yes i know i was late with those last two.)
nonfiction: here’s to hindsight. captivating. the thrill of the chaste. irresistible revolution. god’s politics. girl meets god

i’m thinking fiction. not really in a nonfiction frame-of-mind yet. although i could possibly do something memoir-ish/autobiographical. anyway. suggestions????