– friday night i’m going with some gals to the Brown County Fair. i remember going to a fair when i was still in elementary or junior high school and, having grown up in the suburbs with every kind of fast food and convenience stores sprinkled on various corners, that was the extent of my fair faring. so, i’m eager to experience this little slice of life, even though i’m sure that it will be overly glamorized and not nearly as “Sweet Home Alabama” as i’d like. but it’ll be fun and that’s all that matters.

– saturday is chock-full of other sorts of celebrations. that afternoon, we’re celebrating my grandma’s birthday and will be gathering as we always do to wish her a good one. this is the grandma that i’m named after, who somehow, growing up in the hills of Kentucky, got the name “Carmen.” later that night, a former coworker is having a Fall Theme Party with cider and pumpkin pie and i couldn’t be more, well, pumped (hehehehe). afterward, another friend is having a birthday bash which won’t be as thematic but i’m sure it’ll be fun and festive and full of friends and laughs. plus, i think paul will be coming along, and i’m looking forward to that. it’ll be fun to share that with him.

(side  note: one of my friends had a sweater and cider party once. i didn’t get to make it because i think i was out of town, but it sounds uber cute. might have to add that to the party-planning list for the maple street abode!)

so i’m looking forward to the weekend. october’s just around the corner, and i’m ready to welcome autumn in with open arms. things like haunted houses and carving pumpkins and hayrides and playing in fallen leaves–they’re pretty little images that i want to snap and hang on my walls as mementos of 2007.  here’s to making them happen…