sometimes i wonder where the time goes–how it gets eaten up or sprinkled out in a flash. i know that days have passed but where to, i couldn’t even begin to guess. that’s how i feel lately, but in a good–ever so slightly nostalgic–way.

i look out the window and see that the leaves are already falling to the ground (though i know it’s because they’re dead from lack of rain rather than in preparation of winter). but ever fall, there’s always a moment where i look at the mottled ground of reds and oranges and yellows and wonder–when did this all happen?

so it is currently: when did this all happen? when did i stumble into a facebook/myspace-verified relationship of my own? when did i start meeting a boy’s parents? when did i make him food and quote him song lyrics? when did time and timing blindside me? when did i stop having time to read or even to journal? when did i last have my schedule so packed?

they’re all good things, but i need to be sure to keep a balance. i don’t want to swap one bunch of balloons for another. i need to be carried away by them both.