i’d gotten this cute little agenda book from work (i got to oversee a story that showcases some really cool office products) and realized that i wouldn’t really use it for my calendar since i always rely on my Google calendar.

but the notebook was really cute, so i decided to turn it into a prayer journal where i’ll just take note of things i’m praying about, because a lot of times there’ll be so many things and i’ll forget. i know that’s terrible, but i think it’ll be good to keep them all in one place, even apart from my other journals.

also, when holly and i had first started looking at apartments in mariemont, we came to our current place and the lady who lived there showed us around and showed a basket that she had where she’d put all her little prayers. at the end of a month or something like that, she would dig through there and see which prayers had been answered and give thanks for that. it’s pretty easy for me to just pray and move on, rather than really dwell on them.

so i think this will be helpful and a good, productive, grounding gauge and a gentle reminder.