i finished the thrill of the chaste earlier this week. and i would highly recommend it to any and every girl. here is evidence of that–all the places i found (and marked with cut-up post-its) noteworthy and memorable:


so in celebration of all those colorful bits of post-its, i’ll intersperse some of the highlights:

when not being chaste (which means being intimate outside of committed love), you:

  • learn to detach self from emotion and action; do it all without letting self get attached so that you don’t have to get hurt–being preemptive/protect self. if you hunger for intimacy but fear rejection, it is MUCH easier to let a man touch your body than to let him touch your heart. (the answer is to stop protecting yourself and the only way to do THAT is to take yourself out of situations where you have to protect yourself–keep yourself from getting into those situations in the first place. to truly connect with someone you must be vulnerable.)
  • plus causes you to objectify sexual partners to the point of being unable to perceive them but in terms of how they relate to our own wants/desires. it makes us more selfish and honed in on what we want from someone; neglect that they’re actually human.
  • often becomes a thing of power/control

do good, worthwhile men exist? they have to: for god’s purpose of love and right sex to be fulfilled, both men and women must be capable of experience both to the fullest.

jesus compared heaven to a wedding feast and in Revelation, John writes that we’ll celebrate a wedding in heaven: the marriage of the church to Jesus. when you unite yourself to a husband, you will in a very real sense be practicing for your life in heaven.

God uses the natural polarity between a married man/woman to right an unbalanced world. when a man and woman live together in harmony, the divine presence dwells in their midst. when you can take two things which are by defintion opposites and bring them together, this is a microcosm of the purpose of the creation of the world.