for the most part, we got settled into our mariemont place pretty quickly. we had people come over the day after we moved in, so that was our impetus to get everything put into place and arranged and boxes unpacked.

but since then, our drive has lagged due to all the other life distractions that get in the way (meeting so-and-so for dinner, stopping by here, running over there, etc.). well the one big “hole” in our decorating scheme has been the living room. when we moved, we only had 3 sitting chairs, all of which were pretty old to begin with–some sturdier than others. well, needless to say, the term “sitting chair” is a bit misleading. after trying to sit through the royal tenenbaums on those chairs, it soon became apparent that they weren’t going to cut it, even though the space in the room is next to nothing.

so we did our shopping and canvassing, looking for something: a) within our price range but also b) that we actually liked and could see ourselves living pleasantly with. needless to say, that’s a pretty big wishlist. so for about two months, we made do without. then, on wednesday night, i got a call from my mom informing me that one of her coworkers’ parents’ had a couch they were getting rid of for free. she said it was from ethan allen with brown flowers all over it.

it sounded ugly, but hit the “a)” on our list superbly, so i said, let’s just do it. if we can find the perfect piece later, then we can just give this one away and swap it out. i resigned myself to the couch being hideous but figured we could find a pretty sheet or something to throw over it and make some cool pillows.

yesterday, while i was at betsy’s, my mom called to tell me they’d sent pictures of the couch to us; and that they thought it was perfect for me. so i went to the basement where jeremy (betsy’s fiance) and steve (kitty’s husband) were hanging out to open up the pictures. jeremy said, “wow, that’ll be perfect in your living room.” steve, who hasn’t been to our place yet, didn’t say anything; just sat there with his jaw dropped and face scrunched up–like he was looking at a dead cat or something. when i saw his face, i knew it was a winner.

it actually reminds me of the new upholstered couches that anthropologie is selling (for $3500 no less).




so the next task is to put it into the living room and see what kind of decorating magic we can stir up with it. but i think it’ll be pretty cool; definitely a conversation piece!