it’s friday, and here i am at work in a cute little summer dress, wishing i was outside playing. everyone else is gone for the day, so that doesn’t make it any easier. (except that when both my boss and my manager left, they told me in whispers, “leave early!” okay, twist my arm!) so, as i sit here flipping through magazines (three down) until 4 o’clock rolls around, here’s a countdown of things i’m amped about, as of late:

  • implementing google’s reader for blog subscriptions. makes it much easier than logging into them all seperately. except it doesn’t accept livejournal. which is only a couple pages that i like to read, but still.
  • setting up an excel sheet to track my monthly income/expenses (to figure out if i’m saving or losing money). it’s actually not that hard and it has made me feel a lot more comfortable and aware of where i am, rather than up in the air with no clue. (i’m doing just fine, btw.)
  • buying new books. for the book study that i do, we picked the relevant book “what now?”. and then i went a memoir binge and also bought “faith in the city” and “with or without you” because i’ve been especially interested to see how people live out and incorporate their faiths into their lives. i think most people–from the outside (where i spent most of my life)–see christians as people who have to live within glass castles and not touch anything. that’s how i always pictured it, but now i’m so encouraged to see that you don’t have to turn bland because christianity isn’t about being perfect (it’s kind of the opposite) or about becoming cookie-cutter. god is so big and has planted pieces of himself into all of us that we should celebrate what makes us unique because that’s what reflects him. and i think as long as our hearts are in the right place, then that’s really all that matters. then it makes sense to have everyone be different, because then it becomes like a party-invitation: the more the merrier.
  • i’ve decided, after much contemplation, to go back to letting my hair grow out again. and i want my bangs to look like this girl’s (sans the cigarette). (i have no idea who she is, unfortunately):


and now, without further ado, i’m going to make some tang. yes, Tang. call me Astronaut Carmen.