lately i’ve been listening to the hawk nelson song:

let’s pack up and move to california
hop on board before we get older
raise your hands and shout for california
come on, come on, come on…

i feel very much “in-between” right now. not certain of where to go next. because i love my life here, i truly do. but i can almost glimpse myself outgrowing it. but then (yes, this is a glimpse into my mental dialogue–very Gollum-esque) i wonder if it’s me not realizing what indeed i have under my nose and jumping to conclusions? like with my job: it took me awhile to realize that in fact was my dream job, sans the hefty paycheck. but for awhile i was letting the lack of money detract from everything else that was amazing about it. and i almost left it because i was looking for “the next best thing” without realizing the prize i already held.

i wonder if i’m doing that here, with “Cincinnati.” i can see changes abrewing and i can see the tides coming in. and i’m fully expecting them to wash me away and maybe i’m jumping the gun in preparation? who knows. but at this very moment, amidst the changes and growth spurts, i am quite happy.

and that’s what i welcome you to with this Premiere entry in my new, freshly painted blog with a cute little welcome mat out front. (i hope you took notice, it has a gnome on it!)

this is my little experiment into reaching into the world, tentacles and all, and hoping for the best. i was thinking about what my talents are–what is it that i love doing? one of my favorite things is what i do with the youth group, and that’s when i take the junior high girls and pull them close under my wing and make what’s meant to be a valiant effort to show them the world out there. and what i mean by that is the world that God’s created. they’re so smart and no one ever gives them enough credit for that. and so that’s what i’m trying to do; dish out everything i can so that they’re ready for everything that’s waiting for them … and that they’ll turn to God when it is. i try to make them think and make them open up and make them evaluate. and i share with them; i share what’s going on with me and the musings i’ve read and the morsels i’ve collected.

and so that’s where this blog has brought me: an opportunity to try to do more of the same, to whatever wayfaring strangers find their way to my humble (but ever so rickety) abode. hopefully they (you!) will pull up a chair, knock on the door, and i’ll pull up a chair for you. because what is life without living it? you can’t do it all on your own.

so here we are. you and me. welcome, it’s nice to have you…